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KyrgyzBusiness.com is an absolutely unofficial, informal resource on the business opportunities open in Kyrgyzstan.

Its backing entity — the International Finance Centre Development Agency is, notwithstanding its officially sounding name, a for-profit corporation in which the State holds a non-controlling share. Our mission is the marketing of investment opportunities in Kyrgyzstan to potential foreign investors and clients and the international promotion of the investment and financial infrastructure of the Kyrgyz Republic. Our main shareholders are Swiss-Central Asian Business Council, a Zürich-based Verein and the City of Bishkek, the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The Agency is backed by legal and financial service firms based in Kyrgyzstan and several regionally focused investment funds. This is where our potential private gain lies in opening as many local oppportunities as possible to the widest possible audience.

We can be a source of investment money, not only consulting, should you wish to explore this route when discussing a potential project with us. The investors supporting us have built an impressive portfolio of Kyrgyz-based businesses over the years and are constantly looking for new proposals.

Whether it is a local brick-and-mortar business or a trading operation you are considering, or maybe you simply wish to use the Kyrgyz jurisdiction for its liberal tax and business regulation regime, call us or drop us an email or pay us a visit to discuss your interest on a professional level.

We know that Kyrgyzstan is a very promising country for international business. At the same time, it is not the easiest country to do business in. We will help you to focus on the right issues, to avoid mistakes. To see interesting business opportunities beyond what is traditionally advertised by the official investment propaganda.

Valery Tutykhin, the main author of this web resource invests into Kyrgyzstan for over 12 years and puts a lot of personal effort into developing it as an internationally attractive business platform. Outside of Kyrgyzstan our team manages investment funds, some of which have Kyrgyz investments in their portfolio.

Yours faithfully,

Valery Tutykhin



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