A high-altitude
and investment


Organize Your Trip And Meetings

In the era of easy communications much can be discussed and even agreed at a distance. However, when you need to visit Kyrgyzstan to conduct your research or business negotiations locally, we will be glad to offer you assistance.

If an investment project is considered, we can assist in setting up meetings with the key officials responsible for your area of interest, as well as the key managers of the national infrastructure you are expecting to use.

Besides that you can enlist our help if you need to:

  • locate suitable premises, an inactive industrial object or a land plot with certain characteristics;
  • order a legal research memo on your proposed business;
  • use internationally qualified local legal support for the launch of your project and its subsequent development;
  • register a local company or an unincorporated office of a foreign entity, introduce it to a good quality local bank.



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