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Incorporate In Kyrgyzstan

If and when you have a need to incorporate a local legal entity in Kyrgyzstan or set up an office of a foreign company, we are ready to help.

To register a local company the foreign founder will need to produce a fairly standard set of papers which includes the founder’s registration documents and a power of attorney to the local lawyer who will handle all the registration formalities.

Should this be necessary, we can provide a legal address to the newly incorporated company or unincorporated office (there are two options to set up an office not being a local legal entity: it could be a ‘representative office’ with no commercial activity or an ‘affiliate’ which is an office with the right to do business).

Incorporation takes a few days, and the whole process of legalizing the newly established entity in the local revenue authority and the Social Fund takes about 2 weeks to complete.

Documents originating outside of Kyrgyzstan must be translated into Kyrgyz or Russian. Because Kyrgyzstan is party to the Minsk Convention (a mutual legal assistance treaty of several ex-USSR countries), documents notarially attested in Russia are accepted in Kyrgyzstan without further legalization. Any foreign document originating from outside of the Minsk Convention States must be either certified with an apostille or legalized through a consulate.

When registration is complete, the applicant receives two incorporation certificates — one in Russian and one in Kyrgyz language. If you then have to use these documents in Russia, you can use the one in Russian without further legalization.

A Kyrgyz company can open its bank accounts with any bank in or outside of Kyrgyzstan. If the account is being opened in a country not party to the Minsk Convention, the Kyrgyz corporate documents must be apostille-certified. The Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic handles apostille legalization and it takes about a week to get one.



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