A high-altitude
and investment


How We Can Help

Industrial Investments

  • Direct access to decision makers (the best way to see if what you envisage is viable from the standpoint of the Government is to ask them)
  • ‘Bullshit testing’ any locally received offers (a special knack for reviewing mining investment offers)
  • Synergy analysis (we know the available markets for pretty much anything which can be produced or assembled in Kyrgyzstan)

Legal Support

  • We are supported by one of the best-connected and most creative legal teams in Kyrgyzstan. Anything you can ask from lawyers, please do ask.

Tax or Regulatory Driven Use of Kyrgyzstan

  • Tell us your problem, we will most probably offer a structure to address it.
  • Turn-key implementation. Incorporation, banking facilities, accounting, reporting etc.
  • Maybe all you need is to use an existing element of our infrastructure. Let’s discuss.
  • Kyrgyzstan-based tax planning solutions for individual and corporate clients

Crypto Business

  • ICO in the form of a local IPO, on a turn-key basis. If we like your project very much, we may offer you to cover the costs in return for a future interest.
  • An innovative way to ‘tokenize’ anything in full compliance with the law.
  • The local commodity exchange is one of our backers. Talk to them about listing or trading.
  • If you are a family office, a regulated broker or a manager who needs to buy and store crypto assets via a regulated custody platform, we have a solution.

Read something on our website and want to see if we can do it for you?

  • Best way to know is to ask.



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