A high-altitude
and investment



By its share in the gross domestic product, agriculture is one of the main contributors to the economy of Kyrgyzstan.

Discounting the animal husbandry on the high altitude pastures around the country, agricultural production is mainly concentrated in two relatively low valleys — The Chui Valley and the Fergana Valley, and some of it — on the rim of the Issyk Kul lake.

This page is about the investment opportunities in Kyrgyzstan’s agriculture sector which we singled out and researched ourselves. On any one of them please feel free to propose a more in-depth discussion.

Logistical centres to form large shipments

Countries neighbouring Kyrgyzstan have a vast demand for agricultural products. Just Russian supermarket chains and procurement departments of the Russian Railroads, the Armed Forces, the Prison System etc. can purchase the volume of food products times larger than the entire Kyrgyzstan can now produce.

The problem is that Kyrgyzstan does not have large scale producers. Its agro market is dominated by small and medium size farms and companies (which is very healthy for competition but is a nightmare for the large volume customers).

A very promising business, in our opinion, is the development of a logistical network to collect agro products around the country and form large shipments for serious foreign customers.

Distribution into China: to break through the Great Wall

The Chinese food market is limitless, but is protected by a wall of prohibitions to import many kinds of food products.

A business which, based on high-level connections in China, will succeed in obtaining import quotas and permits for agricultural products will guarantee a healthy profit (and in some cases — a superprofit) for years to come.

Medicinal herbs, supplements

The climate of Kyrgyzstan’s high altitude plains is uniquely favourable for growing a good range of plants which are used in pharmaceutical production, by the bio-active supplements industry etc.

Since the breakup of the Soviet Union the country has vast areas of unused agricultural land where development of new cultures is possible.

European, Indian, Chinese and other pharma corporations have already signalled their readiness to place orders for a stable delivery of a number of rare herbal positions.



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